preview4Just to confirm. I am currently developing a small platform game for my uni portfolio. I am currently 18 and getting ready for university, please take into consideration i’m pretty busy.

No Dead Folk! is a retro zombie survival game inspired by games such as ‘Organ Trail’ and ‘Wasteland’. No Dead Folk! Is a platformer where you play as an oversized shirt & dungeree wearing hillbilly bob on an adventure to keep the dead OFF HIS DAMN PROPERTY!. It is currently being developed for PC although it may also be made for PS Vita since I can now work with the PSM SDK/STUDIO.

It is currently in early stages. I will be updating through twitter and this blog. You can follow me on twitter at @soJAKEable and search  #nodeadfolk! on twitter. I would appreciate your support :). We may potentially create something great.

I would like to thank you if you are following my blog or progress; it’s greatly appreciated. Please spread the word, feel free to comment and share. Any support helps! Follow my blog and twitter for updates, screenshots and news!.

Peace and love.

Jacob Yard.

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